The success on ice: the enterprises of Vadim Malschukov and Irina Dubovtseva with Kayland

04 April 2024


Vadima and Irina: champions of ice with ICE DRAGON on their feet

In the Russian ice climbing scene, two names distinguished for their outstanding achievements: Vadim Malschukov and Irina Dubovtseva. These top athletes have shown strength, dedication and passion in their sport, reaching successful summits thanks also to the support of state-of-the-art equipment: Ice Dragon shoes by Kayland


In competition with Ice Dragon

Vadim began his journey in 2021 and has never looked back since. “Throughout this period, I became intimately connected with the Ice Dragon model. Now, I can't imagine my ice climbing pursuits without these specific ice climbing shoes. They have been with me every step of my way to the sport summits.”


Likewise, Irina reflects on her connection with the Ice Dragon: "My way to new heights with Kayland started two years ago. During this period, I realized for myself that Ice Dragon is the most comfortable ice climbing boots. With them, I feel more confident during training and competition. Thanks to the Ice Dragon boots, I have been able to perform successfully in both international and Russian races."


Beyond the borders: The international triumphs of Vadim and Irina

Not only have they achieved great success in their homeland, but Vadim and Irina have also distinguished themselves on international stage, demonstrating their excellence beyond the Russian borders. In the 2023-2024 season, Vadim stamped his name in the ice climbing history by taking first place in lead and doubles, as well as second place in speed international competitions in Tyumen. These results underline his talent and his dedication.

At the same time, Irina continued to strengthen her position as one of the best Russian athletes in ice climbing, winning the speed event at the international ice climbing competitions in Tyumen and also achieving excellent results at home competitions.


Vadim and Irina talk about their Ice Dragons

Vadim and Irina have achieved extraordinary goals in competitions, and a deep bond with an essential ally in their ascensions: Kayland’s Ice Dragon shoes.

Vadim Malschukov highlights the design and technological efficiency of Ice Dragon, especially their innovative crampon attachment system, which he calls the best on the market. This system offers exceptional comfort and mobility for the fixing bolts. The shoes provide warmth and comfort. And even after prolonged use, they do not cause leg fatigue. After two years of intensive use, Vadim says that the shoes maintain excellent performance, a confirmation of their durability and reliability.



Irina Dubovtseva confirms that the crampon attachment system is the best on the market. She also emphasises the comfort and safety that the Ice Dragons have provided her during her competitions and training sessions. The shoes have a very comfortable heel. The Vibram rubber makes it easier position on the paths (with the heels down, just like in climbing). In addition, the composition of the shoe ensures that the feet stay warm and comfortable, reducing fatigue and allowing optimal performance for extended periods. The construction quality of the shoes is another strong point highlighted by Irina: despite heavy use, the Ice Dragons retain their original appearance and integrity.


Every enterprise has its shoe

The experiences shared by Vadim and Irina demonstrate the crucial role that Ice Dragon shoes play in their carriers. It is not just a “piece” of equipment, but an indispensable travel partner that supports them every step, climb after climb. The combination of technological innovation, comfort, durability and performance make Ice Dragon of Kayland not just a shoe, but a true extension of the athlete.