A dream come true: the adventure of Teofil Vlad on the Vinson in Antarctica

19 March 2024


In the vast and unexplored silence of Antarctica, where every step is a challenge and survival becomes the supreme goal, our story finds its hero: Teofil Vlad, one of our ambassadors. Teofil's goal was to reach the summit of Vinson, the highest mountain in Antarctica. In this extreme environment, Kayland 8001 were not simply a pair of boots, but loyal companions who provided warmth and security, enabling Teofil to turn his extreme dream into reality. Here is his story.


"My trip to Vinson was a long time dream and I was very happy to be for the first time in Antarctica. If the route is not so demanding for a skilled mountaineering, the challenges are present at every step. Antarctica and Vinson are vewry exclusivist destinations in terms of costs, logistics and, last but not least, cold.


It was probably my only trip, as far as I can remember, when I used for two weeks only one pair of boots. Taking into account that for the entire time spent in Antarctica, the temperatures were below -15° C, I stepped out of the plane with my 8001 boots from Kayland. I did not climb so high or in so cold conditions for a while and it was the first time when I used the 8001. I was very satisfied with the classic design, the lace system from both inner and outer boots which made the adjustment for steep terrain very precise - no heel lifting. Even if I didn't get used to them in shorter trips, it seems we were in good terms - no bruises.


Climbing Vinson implies pulling a sled, climbing up and down a 40 degrees snow and ice face where there are fixed ropes and a long walk from the high camp to the summit, guarded by a nice ridge. The temperatures are around - 40 and the real feel might go below - 50C. You could feel the difference between your part of the body exposed to the sun and the other side in the shade, between life and the clear and present danger of the cold.


One of the first objectives is not to get frostbites in this environment, another challenge is to get some sleep in 24 light hours days. Going to the top is not the priority, surviving is your first concern more than on other mountains. Eventually it was a successful climb - no frostbite, just joy and summit.

Overall it was a real exotic experience to climb such a mountain. Exotic with the cold meaning, of course.

One more adventure which increased my appetite for hardcore expeditions."