15 June 2022

Medium mountain is a literal translation from French: in France there are "les Guides de haute montagne" (le Guide Alpine) and “les Accompagnateur en Moyenne Montagne”,

the companions of medium mountain,

term that fits perfectly with the characteristics of the Marche region in which we operate since the Apennines are mainly made up of itineraries that do not require the use of mountaineering equipment


Thus, Mario Minati, one of the three mid-mountain guides who make up the Quattropassi team, described the mid-mountain guides, underlining the commitment of these professionals in promoting tourism in mountain areas and organized activities in Italy and around the world. abroad in these years of activity.





Quattropassi is a online calendar of outdoor activities organized by Mountain Professionals who publish their proposals for excursions and guided trekking on the official website of the group, throughout the year.


Relying on a Quattropassi guide means activating a professional accompaniment service, which does not require you to be part of a pre-established group. In addition to the activities listed in the calendar, if you have one or more days off and you want to do activities on adventure terrain, without worrying about logistics or equipment, give us a call and we will arrange the outing “on demand.” Thanks to our collaboration with a local tour operator, in addition to the activities within the Monti Sibillini National Park, we organize trekking in Italy and abroad.
I would like to point out that Quattropassi gives everyone the opportunity to get closer to the mountain, especially motivating those who have no experience of the mountain environment. There is nothing safer to start taking the first steps with those who are familiar with the territory and the risks involved.

The name Quattropassi comes from a memory of Fabio's childhood: his father used to "drag" his children to the mountains with the typical phrase "Shall we go for a walk?".

The current team of Quattropassi was formed in 2016 thanks to Fabio Miconi, a mountain professional already active for 15 years, who during a training course for mountain guides identified me, Mario Minati, and my partner Renato Malatesta among all the students of the class, thus deciding to involve us in the project.

We are always open to new collaborations and looking for partners to involve in the project.



What is your idea of ​​mountain tourism?

The mission of the Quattropassi team is to exploit the potential of local tourism, while respecting environmental sustainability, aiming to bring tourism back to the Marche mountain areas to avoid a phenomenon of abandonment, particularly accentuated following the 2016 earthquake that put a strain on try Amatrice, Norcia, Visso and the entire ecosystem of the Sibillini Mountains.

The Sibillini Mountains National Park, which insists on a large part of the Umbrian-Marchigiano Apennines, draws an area of ​​great hiking value, made up of wonderful views. A territory that I particularly love, that I have frequented for many years and of which I have never tired.


What are the characteristics of the perfect footwear for the type of business you carry out (and consequently for your customers)?

The choice of footwear is fundamental for the variety of terrains that are faced on the Sibillini: a shoe with a semi-rigid sole is ideal to cover all needs, perfect for covering both the simplest and the most steep terrains and to enjoy the numerous ridge "threads".
So far, the most performing shoe compared to our needs is the Cross Mountain GTX: a comfortable, light shoe, excellent in both summer and winter, cramponable: a real "four seasons". It gives you great control, is solid and at the same time very light.


Do you have any advice for those who would like to approach your profession?

Being a mid-mountain guide is wonderful! Personally, I have a lot of fun, every day I have the opportunity to meet new people and create lasting friendships over time.

For these reasons alone, it should already be worthwhile to undertake a training course of this type, if there is a passion for the outdoors...why not?

The market is ready, mountain tourism is growing and there is certainly a lack of awareness on the part of users about the risks associated with frequenting the mountains and this is where the mountain professional enters the scene.